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The Four Pillars

In 1919,  The American Legion was founded on four pillars:

  • Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

  • National Security

  • Americanism

  • Children & Youth

Each  of these pillars encompasses a variety of programs that benefit our nation's veterans, it's service members, their families, the youth of America and ordinary citizens. These programs make a difference in hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

Our organization's positions and programs are guided by resolutions passed by American Legion National Convention delegates, and by committee and commission members who represent 2.5 million wartime veterans and their families. These programs, and the men and women who take the time to perform them allow The American Legion to make a difference on the local, state and national levels.

It's who we are and what we do.


Purpose: To assist veterans in obtaining needed hospitalization, in the pursuance of claims and in obtaining other veteran's rights and benefits; to visit comrades who are sick or disabled; to visit and comfort members of their families when sick or bereaved. (The head of the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Committee may be the post service officer of the post veterans affairs and rehabilitation chair. In addition, the post chaplain may serve as chair of the Visiting Committee.)

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